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Good Cop

Good Cop
Rating: 77% • Genres: drama, thriller • Year: 2012


Good Cop is a drama series starring Warren Brown as PC John Paul Rocksavage. It begins as an ordinary day, but while out running on Crosby beach, John Paul runs into his ex-girlfriend Cassandra and their daughter Libby. He sees a glimpse of the family he could have had, but Cassie isn’t interested in a reunion. Later as he is enjoying lunch with his best mate and colleague Andy Stockwell he witnesses a gang of men mistreating a waitress. He ends up intervening and finds himself face to face with a very unpleasant Finch, who threatens to attack the next policeman that he sees. After beginning their shift John Paul and Andy attend what seems like another regular call out. After they arrive at the house though they see Finch and the gang from the diner are waiting. Andy ends up being badly beaten and the gang escape. Later that night, haunted by images of Finch, he returns to the house in an effort to make sense of it all and finds a loaded gun hidden under a loose floorboard. Finch then shows up and John Paul is forced to stand his ground and makes a decision that changes the course of his life and career forever.

Status: Ended

IMDb : tt2256491 TVDB : 261144 Download


Season 1

Episode - 1: Episode 1

An ordinary day for beat cop Sav turns into a nightmare when he encounters a ruthless thug and his best friend is brutally attacked.

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Episode - 2: Episode 2

Sav is stalked and threatened by Callum Rose, the only witness to Finch's murder. Relationships at work are strained in the aftermath of Andy's death.

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Episode - 3: Episode 3

Sav is frustrated when detectives fail to charge a member of Finch's gang with murder.

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Episode - 4: Episode 4

Sav's quest to get Jonjo arrested for Andy's murder draws suspicion. Amanda poses as a student to catch two men attacking young women. When the setup goes wrong, Sav decides to take action.

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