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Days That Shaped America

Days That Shaped America
Rating: 90% • Genres: documentary • Year: 2018


Historic events that forever transformed the United States.

Status: Ended

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Season 1

Episode - 1: Challenger Disaster

One of the most tragic and shocking images ever broadcast to the American people, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion left our country in mourning. The loss of seven astronauts became more heartbreaking as we learned that the incident could have been avoided if protocols had been different. Hear the emotional recollections of the Challenger commander’s wife, two astronauts who were involved in the launch preparation, an engineer for the rocket boosters that failed, and a reporter who thought this would be a routine workday, as they relive the controversial moments that lead to the most notorious day in NASA’s history.

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Episode - 5: September 11th

The largest terror attack in our nation’s history left images seared into our conscience that will never be forgotten. But for those caught in the middle, the memories are as strong today as they were in 2001. Hear the harrowing experiences of a trader who worked in the World Trade Center, a firefighter, a Port Authority officer, an ER doctor, an NYPD rescue worker, and a news reporter who were at Ground Zero, as well as a Pentagon contractor, an Airfone operator communicating with Flight 93, and the head of FAA operations as they experienced the tragic unfolding of a day none had dreamed possible.

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