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Bushcraft Build-Off

Bushcraft Build-Off
Rating: 60% • Genres: reality • Year: 2017


Hosted by primitive skills master Matt Graham, Bushcraft Build-Off, is an all-new competition series where elite builders compete in a grueling, seven-day race against the clock. This competition will test the primitive building skills that have allowed survivalists to thrive in the wilderness for generations. But is now amplified on the web and through social media as these young masters attempt to outdo one another with more and more elaborate builds.

Status: Returning Series

IMDb : tt7799008 TVDB : 337616 Download


Season 1

Episode - 1: Built to Survive

Matt Graham challenges two top Bushcrafters to build a bear proof shelter that's made to last using only three tools, and nothing but the natural materials available around them in Utah's Aspen forest.

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Episode - 2: High and Mighty

Matt Graham raises the bar when he challenges top Bushcrafters to create a shelter at least 5 feet above uneven terrain that will protect them from muddy ground, dangerous heat and fierce predators, using only one hand tool and natural resources.

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Episode - 4: Double or Nothing

Bushcrafters build both a bridge over a river and a waterproof shelter using nothing but three hand tools and the materials they find in Utah's spruce forest.

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Episode - 5: Hunting Season

Two top bushcrafters build hunting shelters using only the natural resources found in a Utah hunting ground. Taking it to the next level, teams build impressive structures from cobblestones, mud, and wood to protect from the elements and predators.

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Episode - 6: Fire Fight

Top bushcrafters build thermoregulated shelters that stay cool in the summer but warm in the winter, but can only use three hand tools and the materials they find in Utah's high desert.

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